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About Us

Dylan Cope Pest Control Services are pest control experts. Our Pest inspections are thorough and excellent value for money. To learn more about Dylan Cope and his families legacy in Pest Control click through to learn more.

About Us

Either the pests are in trouble or we are!

We back our warranties and services; if you are in any way dissatisfied with our after sales service we will refund the service.*T&C Apply.

Dylan Cope Pest Control Services


Termite Bait Control System

Get rid of termites for good! Our Termite Bait Control system targets foraging subterranean termites to prevent future infestation.

Termite Liquid Control System

Stop termites in their tracks! Our perimeter treatment eliminates subterranean termite colonies and helps keep them from invading again.


Dylan Cope Pest Control are experts in Rodent Control for your home or commercial business.

Residential General Pests

If your home or business has an issue with general pests we can help exterminate them in no time at all!

Commercial Bird Control

Birds can cause serious damage to your business or commercial property. Be sure to take appropriate steps and seek our help today!

Timber Pest Inspections

Our Inspectors are qualified Timber Pest Inspectors with years of experience. With this experience we uncover defects in your home.

Do You Need Pest Control?

Here at Dylan Cope Pest Control we do whatever it takes to solve your pest problems and keep it that way. We honour our warranties and stand by our promises.

We understand that your home and business is your greatest asset and that termite and pest infestations need to be taken care of in the safest and best way possible.

Our advanced formulas target pest infestations with fast, effective results to give you and your family peace of mind.

Don’t wait for an infestation, prevent one. Call us now.

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