Why Choose Us

I love what I do, says Dylan but most people would wonder why someone would love crawling through damp and dirty subfloors and stinking hot rooves in search of pests.

Well in Dylan’s case it’s part of his DNA.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in the Cope family and this couldn’t be more true in regards to Dylan.

Dylan’s father, grandfather and great grandfather have been protecting families and businesses of Sydney and Wollongong Since 1968.

With a lineage of over 50 years in Pest Control it just comes naturally that Dylan has the experience, professionalism and safe track record required to successfully operate his pest control company.

If you require a pest controller wouldn’t you want one that is backed by over 50 years experience that will:

  • Safely control your pests
  • Clearly explains your treatment options
  • Arrives on time and leaves your site clean on completion
  • Stands behind his warranties

So if Dylan Cope Pest Control sounds like the type of company you would like to do business with
please give Dylan a call. 0400 739 462


Dylan Cope


1979 a true family business L to R Eric Cope Jnr, Brad Cope, Eric Cope Snr, Kim Cope and a young Steve Cope on the roof of the truck and
the rest of the service team.   


Photo taken 2008. Eric Cope, Steve Cope and a young Dylan Cope.