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    We don’t take the cookie cutter approach; every home and pest problem is different.

    With over 50 years experience, we customise a service that will tackle your pest problem fast with the use of the safest and best products available.


    Our pest control plan will eliminate and deter ants and many other pests you may have in your home.

    We apply the advanced Fipronil product we love this stuff very safe and effective. Fipronil is transferred from ants by feeding and grooming.

    It may cost us three times more compared to inferior products on the market, but it creates happy clients and dramatically cuts warranty call backs. WIN WIN!!

    When it comes to ants, if you see a few, it won’t be long until your home is over run by them. This is because ants leave a pheromone or scent trail for the colony to follow to a source of food such as a kitchen, pantry and bathrooms.

    Here in Australia we have about 3000 species of Ants. Some of the common ants you will find around your home or workplace are:

    White Footed Ant

    Black House Ant

    Coastal Brown Ant

    Carpenter Ant


    Successful control of ants requires experience, the best products and thorough knowledge of their nesting and foraging habits.

    A comprehensive inspection of the property is conducted to locate and treat the nest. As the nest is the source of the ant infestation, it is usually the most effective way to treat the ant infestation.

    We apply liquid product to create barriers to the exterior and interior of the dwelling during our general pest treatment to deter ants from entering your home.

    After your treatment it may take up to 3 to 6 weeks to gain control.

    Please get in contact with us now to beat your ant problem!

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