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    In Australia we have many species of spiders, and to most homeowners, none are welcome! Spiders cause a lot of discomfort to people especially when sharing the home with them.


    Although spiders can be poisonous they do not usually cause harm. In fact, since the successful introduction of anti-venom in 1956 there have been very few fatalities from spider bites. But we still do not want them around the home.

    Some of the common spiders you may find around your home are:


    Sydney Funnel Web Spider


    Red Back Spider


    Huntsman Spider


    Trap Door Spider


    Black House Spider


    Mouse Spider


    White Tail Spider

    Dylan-Cope-Pest-Control-Spiders-Garden Orb Weaver-600x400

    Garden Orb Weaver Spider


    Daddy Long Legs Spider


    This starts with an inspection of your property to ascertain where the spiders are nesting and harbourage areas.


    Treating spiders inside your home will involve applying a product to:

    • Floor edges in all rooms
    • Directly treat spiders and webbing

    Roof Void

    Is treated with Pyrethrum powder, pressure injected into the void. The powder will penetrate all nooks and crannies, controlling them fast.


    We treat around windows, doors, eaves, gutters, external walls, gardens, fencing and interior and exterior of sheds and garages and any areas where spiders could be hiding.

    Spraying all harbourage areas, leaving no areas for spiders to hide, treats the subfloor.

    Ground Dwelling Spiders

    For dangerous spiders such as Funnel Webs, Mouse or Trapdoor spiders we can use a non-repellent product, which does not aggravate them and prevents flushing them out. These products slowly kill the spiders and they die in their burrows.

    We would only recommend a ground Spider service if the problem were severe, as it can be ineffective, at times, on small infestations. Ground dwelling spider services are not covered under our General Pest Service.

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