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At DC Pest & Building inspections we are thorough in our Reporting.


Adding thermal imaging to an inspection allows us to find problems in a non-invasive way that the naked eye can’t see, to give you peace of mind.

The thermal imaging camera by FLIR can identify problems early, allowing them to be documented and corrected before becoming more serious and more costly to repair.

Thermal imaging cameras are the perfect tool for locating and identifying building failures and active termites, as they make the invisible visible. On a thermal image problems jump right out at you. A thermal imaging camera is the one tool that really lets you see it all.

Some of the problems that thermal imaging allows us to see is:

  • Active Termites
  • Building Failures
  • Energy Loss
  • Detect missing insulation
  • Detect Mould
  • Detect Moisture
  • Detect Electrical Faults
  • Detect Plumbing Faults
  • Just to name a few.

So it goes without saying, by adding thermal imaging to your inspection, you really do get the full service. You could save yourself thousands in identifying problems, ensuring your peace of mind.

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