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    Termites, borer and fungal decay are some of the biggest pest problems for home owners, because they can go unnoticed for months or years.


    Many infestations do not show any outward symptoms or signs for a very long period of time, despite resulting in extensive structural damage and seriously compromising the strength of your property, and could cost you thousands in repairs.

    Our inspection begins even before we step on your property, were looking for any conducive environments that could attract and harbour timber pests like termites.

    Our Inspectors are qualified builders and timber pest technicians with years of experience. With this experience we uncover defects that an untrained eye would leave undetected, if Timber Pests are found they will be reported on.

    Our inspectors are also looking for major and minor building defects, mould, excessive moisture, wood rot and fungi. Using Tramex moisture meters, will show the percentage of moisture in the buildings walls, floor and any suspicious areas.

    If Requested our thermal camera adds a whole new level to the inspection and report. With the Thermal Imaging Camera it extends our inspection into the places that the naked eye cant see such as, wall frames and structural floor members.

    We make ourselves available to discuss the content of the report with you in detail after the inspection. You are guaranteed to receive your report via email within 24 hours of the inspection.

    Our Inspectors are fully insured with professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

    What We Look For

    • Leaking plumbing, wet areas and roof coverings
    • Rising/falling damp issues and excessive moisture
    • Major safety hazards
    • Conducive environments for timber pests
    • Non durable timber used in a hazardous environment
    • Any trees that could harbor timber pests
    • Termites and evidence of termite damage

    Australian Standards

    Our Timber Pest Inspections comply with Australian Standards.

    • AS 4349.3 – Timber Pest Inspections
    • AS 4349.0-2007 – Building Inspections

    Covers All Readily Accessible Areas

    The inspection covers all readily accessible areas including.

    • Roof exterior
    • Roof interior
    • Internal rooms
    • Subfloor
    • Out buildings
    • Fence line
    • Retaining walls
    • Driveway and paths
    • Trees

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