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    Get Rid Of Rodents With Dylan Cope Pest Control!

    We thrive on rodent infestations especially the jobs other Pest Controllers have failed on.

    The Cope family has been controlling rodents for over 50 years.

    To control these pests you need to understand their needs, movements and why they are there in the first place. We have this knowledge and it allows us to handle these rodent problems where most others struggle to get results.


    A rodent infestation will cause your business:

    • Headaches you don’t need
    • Damage to your bottom line
    • Damage to your reputation

    We make sure Rats and Mice don’t get the chance to cause you issues, with years of experience we effectively remove any infestation.

    Dylan Copes Pest Control applies old school techniques (largely forgotten these days) and some modern practices.   The skills developed over 50 years, will GUARANTEE results.

    We go as far as making our own bait, tailored to your problem. We investigate what types of foods your rodents are eating and when this is established we can customise our handmade rodent bait for your site.

    Knowing what the rodent may be lacking in their diet, we can customise the bait, maximising bait uptake. Even shy rodents will be attracted to the bait.

    We love a challenge eradicating one of the most resilient and adaptable animals known to man, rodents!!

    Rodents Eat their way through door

    Rodents gain access by eating their way through


    Rodent Droppings


    Gnawing can cause fires

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