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    We will identify the rodent species and determine the best system to evict them and we will stop them from returning; with a customised treatment to your home.

    Rats and Mice enter your home in search for food, shelter and water. They are a big threat to your property and health.


    Rats and Mice can:

    • Destroy your belongings and property.
    • They gnaw through wires and this can cause fires.
    • Die in your roof and wall cavities causing terrible odour.
    • Leave droppings and urine everywhere causing bad odour.
    • Make loud disturbing noises, mostly at night while you are trying to sleep.
    • Collapse their ribs and squeeze into holes as small as a 50c piece.

    Our Experience in Rodent Control & Management

    The Cope family has been controlling rodents for over 50 years. To control these pests you need to understand their needs, movements and why they are there in the first place. We have this knowledge and it allows us to handle these rodent problems where most others struggle to get results.

    We love a challenge eradicating one of the most resilient and adaptable animals known to man, rodents!!


    Rodent Droppings


    Rodent Burrows 


    Gnawing can cause fires 

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