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    If you think or know termites are in your home or work place, schedule a fee quotation now. If termites are found we’ll get them under control and protect you from future infestations.


    Our services stop termites in their tracks. Once they’re under control, we will keep them that way for good as long as you keep your management/service plan.

    Schedule a FREE quotation and get guaranteed protection today.

    If termites are found during our visit, we’ll recommend a few simple steps in order to evaluate the infestation and advise the management system that best suits your property.

    How termite control works

    • STEP 1 – Inspection
    Our trained termite specialist will conduct a thorough inspection of the inside and outside of your property, carefully looking for evidence of termite activity and potential access points.

    • STEP 2 – Customised plan
    Based on our findings, we’ll customise a treatment and/or protection plan to protect your property against termites.

    • STEP 3 – Ongoing Maintenance and Protection
    During your protection plan, we’ll conduct follow up services, as agreed to make sure your property is free of termite activity. In the unlikely event termites are present, we’ll treat the termite problem at no additional cost.

    We use the latest technology in Thermal Imaging and Termatrac Termite Radar. With the use of these tools it allows us to pin point infestations in a non-invasive manner, allowing us to imply effective targeted treatments with no guesswork.

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